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CM Lighting Maintenance was established in March 2004 by Christian Mossa. He and his team of Licensed and Trained Electricians are dedicated to providing interior and exterior lighting installation and maintenance services to commercial, industrial and municipal sectors in the GTA and surrounding areas.

CM Lighting provides lighting services for parking lots, office areas and warehouses, including group re-lamping and cleaning of fixtures with their 50 foot Bucket Truck.

Full electrical services include, but it is not limited, Ballast Replacement, Photo-Cell and Time Clock, Exterior Building and Canopy, Pylon and/or store front Sign, Overhead Cable Installation, Underground Fault Locating and much more.

Honesty and Integrity are our values.

No matter what your electrical needs are, we have the right solution, at the right price. So, if you are planning an electrical project, and you are looking for a quality job without the outrageous prices, contact CM Lighting Maintenance today to arrange for a free quote.